The sneaker craze is insane right now. One thing is for sure: people love Jordan’s. To be more specific: people love exclusive Jordan’s. It is not enough to have the newest and latest anymore. The more exclusive a shoe is, the better it looks.

Wisin recently took to Instagram to pose next to his fellow friend De La Ghetto in a moment of comradery, while performing in Bogota. El Matatan’s outfit is so fresh that it is quite hard to look beyond the Rollie and the rope chains. With some closer examination of W’s threads, the highly coveted Drake OVO Jordan X’s can be seen keeping El Sobreviviente’s feet nice and cozy.

If you recall, these sneaks were released in highly limited numbers and if you are beyond the spectrum of fame it is highly likely that you were not able to get a pair.
For someone of Wisin’s caliber, obtaining such prized threads it is just a matter of making a call or two.

It seems that everyone wants to be part of Drake’s monumental rise to the top. Is it possible that Wisin and October’s Very Own may collaborate in the near future? We can only hope.

Were you able to get a pair of OVO X’s? What do you think of Wisin’s look? Let us know in the comments below.


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