TOP 10: Kobe Bryant’s Career Dunks

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Watch as ‘The Black Mamba’ destroyed his opponents on the court

NBA legend, Kobe Bryant (one of the best basketball players of all times) recently called it quits. Sure, it was coming, but for all the fans that got to really see him at his peak, it definitely hurts a bit. Nevertheless, that’s the nature of the sport. As players age, their performances begin to suffer.

However, Kobe has nothing to be ashamed of, despite this season.

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Magic Johnson recently said Kobe is the ‘closest thing we’ve seen to Michael Jordan‘ and he sure isn’t’ lying. Whether you did get to watch Kobe at his prime or not, we leave you here with a clip of the TOP 10 dunks of his career.

You don’t want to miss them. Kobe was a machine!

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