Today’s Teens React To Windows 95

Way before we all had easy-to-use laptops and Wi-Fi, there were desktop computers that used Windows 95.

Fine Brothers Entertainment recently enlisted a number of teens, who offer their reactions to a now-ancient desktop machine, loaded with Windows 95… complete with dial up Internet service.

In this latest “Teens React to Technology” video from new-media production duo Benny and Rafi Fine (also known as The Fine Brothers), we see today’s teens try to figure out how to use a computer running Microsoft’s Windows 95 operating system.

Teen actor Karan Brar, age 17, guest stars on the episode. Brar is best known for his roles in “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” films and the Disney Channel TV series “Jessie” and “Bunk’d.”

When Brar first turned on the old computer to get started he commented in the video, “Everything looks so dull and ancient.”

Some highlights of the video include a teen thinking this was the first computer ever made, complaints of how long it takes to boot up, not understanding how to get to the Internet without Wi-Fi, and not knowing what a modem is.

“It’s scary to think that Wi-Fi is like so vital to us now,” Morgan, age 19, said in the video. “If you go somewhere and they don’t have Wi-Fi, that’s the worst thing that can ever happen to you.”

While it’s easy to mock the teens in the video for not knowing how to use the kind of computers that many of us older folks were used to back in the day, that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the tech relic placed before them.

“Those who know technology should know something beyond the current, they need to know part of the past,” Ethan, age 18, said in the video.

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