Things That We Are Thankful For In 2015 (P2)

By: Flip Rivas

As people lineup to the supermarket to get everything ready for this Thursday’s feast, while at the same time prepare themselves to start the holiday shopping sprees, it is easy to forget the whole essence of Thanksgiving: to experience a time of gratitude and reflect upon the many blessings that accompanied all of us this 2015.

In the world of Reggaeton, artists and fans have many things to be thankful for as well. Hard work, effort and perseverance, favor all those who embrace these qualities; this has been true in the past, in the present and in the years to come.

Below you can find the things that we are thankful for here in Atabajo (Part 2):

J Balvin’s Success.


The Colombian sensation, J Balvin, enjoyed a very prosperous 2015. Every Hispanic neighborhood, bodega, barbershop and household bumped a J Balvin track at some point this year.

His presence was felt in Colombia and the USA alike. Part of his success is due to his ability of relating to his fandom. J Balvin experienced struggles that are too common to the immigrating Latinos coming to United States, in hopes to attain the American Dream.  His humble demeanor and quality music makes him a popular artists that deserves the success that he has garnered.

J Balvin also reps hip hop in terms of streetwear and aspirations. He has been constantly seen wearing Ye’s clothes, so much that he should have been a model for the Yeezy Season show. J Balvin has collaborated with the likes of Justin Bieber, and wishes to reach a level of success akin to Drake’s.

J balvin says he is proud to rep the movement, and the fans are proud to have him.

It is great to see artists like J Bavin make a great splash and be embraced so well by the fans. His humble demeanor, highlights him as a real person, working hard to make quality music. He deserves all the accolades, and we are thankful to see him rise to the top in the way that he has.


J Lo still has it


J Lo has been the core of many crushes for men (and women). Ever since “Selena” and her early rise to stardom, we have all wanted to see more of Jenifer Lopez’ greatness.

This past Sunday, while hosting the American Music Awards, we got just what we have been asking for: more of J Lo. She proved that she is still “Jenny from the block”; and at 46-years-old she looks better than ever. She did it all: entertain, dance, sing and make people drool over her.

We are thankful that J Lo is still making fans fall in love with her over and over again. In a star-studded gala, she shone brighter than the diamonds on the rappers’ chains and Rolexes. It’s great to see a fellow Hispanic artist stay relevant throughout the decades in such a lasting manner.

Perhaps Ben Affleck and Diddy regret letting such a beautiful woman go. Their mistakes only mean more of J Lo for the rest of us.  May she keep representing for the Latinos for many more years to come.

From the Atabajo family to yours: we want to wish you a very happy and dignified Thanksgiving.

Thank you for supporting the movement and the site.

Stay tuned for bigger and better things to come! Los Notorios Mixtape Vol. 1

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