Things That We Are Thankful For In 2015

By: Flip Rivas

As people lineup to the supermarket to get everything ready for this Thursday’s feast, while at the same time prepare themselves to start the holiday shopping sprees, it is easy to forget the whole essence of Thanksgiving: to experience a time of gratitude and reflect upon the many blessings that accompanied all of us this 2015.

In the world of Reggaeton, artists and fans have many things to be thankful for as well. Hard work, effort and perseverance, favor all those who embrace these qualities; this has been true in the past, in the present and in the years to come.  Below you can find the things that we are thankful for here in Atabajo:

Nicky Jam’s comeback


It is hard to compute that prior to 2015, three years had passed without hearing new hits from Nicky Jam. Thankfully for all of us, 2015 smiled positively upon the Puerto Rico native.

The success of Mr. Jam was a bit slow to take-off, but once it did we were all reminded of the greatness that Nicky embodies. His song “Travesuras” although recorded in 2014 did not garner stable recognition until early 2015, when it peaked at number 4 in the Billboard Latin Song chart.

Feeling the high that comes with renowned international success, Nicky called the one-and-only Enrique Inglesias to the studio, and the ensuing result was the record-breaking anthem “El Perdon”. This collaboration broke records across the scale by topping Shakira’s “La Tortura” for second-longest consecutive weeks on the charts.

The success of “El Perdon” spurred many international tours, making stops worldwide, especially in the country of Felipe VI’s monarchy.

What better way to finish such a high wave of much earned success than by displaying new hardware in the shelves of the studios and his home? Well, in this past Latin Grammy ceremony, NJ was awarded the prestigious award for his collaboration with Mr. Iglesias.

2015 has reminded everyone that Nicky Jam is better than ever before. We can only hope that the momentum does not stop, but wish the exact opposite for NJ: for him to continue surfing the wave of victory.

Daddy Yankee vs Don Omar Face-off


Who doesn’t love a good rivalry? David Vs Goliath; Frederick Douglass vs Slavery; the US Vs Japan; Isiah Thomas Vs Michael Jordan; Drake vs Meek Mills… what all these pairs of contenders have in common is that a winner was evidently declared after a series of encounters.

The two biggest in the game are Daddy Yankee and Don Omar. These two competitors have been going at it for years, trying to see who the best artist in the entire movement is. This is the substance that fans dream of. Well their dreams have become a reality with the series of concerts named The Kingdom.

It is hard to tell whether this is friendly competition or a real attempt to coronate the current king of the movement. The back and forth banter, the social media taunting and the trash talking have fans riled up, making them thrilled for the forthcoming concerts that will occur in Puerto Rico.

Don Omar seems ready to take the crown.  While the Big Boss has always adopted a war- ready position. One thing is certain, a winner will be ultimately declared by the end of 2015.

December 4th marks the start to the saga to the coronation of the Genero’s king.

Rarely should a person be thankful for beef and word exchanges, but when it comes to music, as a fan there is no greater excitement, and for that we thank El Don and the Big Boss.

From the Atabajo Family to yours: we want to wish you a very happy and dignified Thanksgiving.

Thank you for supporting the movement and the site. Stay tuned for Part2!



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