The Millennial Dream Home

By: Kim

Pardee Homes and Builder magazine teamed up to reveal two house designs inspired by the results of a survey of Millennial home preferences. The two dwellings are located in Henderson, Nevada, designed in collaboration between architect Bassenian Lagoni, landscape architect Anderson Baron, and the project’s creative director, designer Bobby Berk. The three business men worked so hard to create the perfect concept to aim all requests of the millennial market. Take a look inside the 3,194 sq foot contemporary model and let us know if it surpasses the millennial expectation.


millennial dream home

Outdoor space was the top request in terms of home features; a patio, bar area, pool, and dining space.


millennial dream home

Despite common beliefs that millennials prefer urban settings, 53% of those surveyed cited suburban environments as their top choice.


millennial dream home

The use of retractable doors exposes the open-plan living areas. A total of 71% surveyed expressed the desire to have a customizable house that could easily change a look in an instant.


millennial dream home

After outdoor living being the number one request, an open-plan kitchen was the second highest requirement that millennials listed in the survey.


millennial dream home

The most interesting fact from the survey was that smart tech was lower on the priority list, with 86% wanting quality construction, along with a home being low maintenance.

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