See All The Empanadas Of Latin America

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See all the empanadas of Latin America.

If you’ve ever visited Argentina, ridden a bus in Bolivia, or made friends with a Venezuelan, you’ve probably tasted an empanada of some sort.

But it would take a lifetime of non-stop empanada-eating to try all of the infinite combinations of doughs, fillings, and cooking methods that are so closely tied to the specific culture, flora, and fauna in each region of Latin America.

Basically, this means it’d be very difficult to try all the regional varieties. But here are eight that you can get started on:

1. Empanadas Mendocinas

Layla Pujol

Country: Argentina

Mendocinas are baked empanadas that come from the Mendoza region. According to Laylita, the dough contains milk, making it creamier than other empanadas.

2. Pastel de queijo


Country: Brazil

In Brazil, pastéis, which come in square or half-moon shapes, are the closest thing to empanadas. And the cheese-filled version is one of the popular varieties.

3. Empanadas de plátanos


Countries: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

This plátano-loving region uses very ripe plantains for their empanada dough. But even though the outside is the same, their insides can vary.

4. Corn flour empanadas


Countries: Colombia, Venezuela

In Colombia, the dough is stuffed with ground beef, potatoes, and onions meanwhile in Venezuela has one filled with cheese, but they also made an empanada version of their national dish, pabellón. It contains plátanos maduros, beef, and black beans.

5. Pastes Pachuqueños

Pastes 3

Country: Mexico

They hail from Hidalgo and are made with pulque (an alcoholic drink made by fermenting sap from the maguey),  salt, egg, lard, and sometimes milk, according to La Cocina Mexicana de Pily. They come in both sweet and savory varieties.

6. Empanadas de viento


Country: Ecuador

Empanadas de viento are Ecuador’s most popular empanada. The sweet-and-savory treat is light. Inside, there’s fried cheese and outside, a little bit of sugar.

7. Salteña


Country: Bolivia

Bolivia’s empanadas have a coin purse look to them. The outside is slightly sweet, and the inside is packed with flavors from things like carne de res and chicken, potatoes, and onions, according to Sabrosía.

8. Cativías/Catibías



Country: Dominican Republic

Clara González of Cocina Dominicana says shredded yuca is used to make the gluten-free food. Inside, there is onion, tomatoes, and carne de res molida.


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