Rolls-Royce’s unbelievable Vision 100 concept



The concept car that Rolls-Royce unveiled – measuring nearly 20 feet in length (5.9m) and five feet tall- as a part of parent company BMW’s centennial festivities, is one of the wildest and futuristic designs ever.

Rolls-Royce has posted a 360-degree YouTube video of the vehicle, taking you inside the sparse cabine. In the journey “Eleanor,” the AI personality that the Vision 100 has co-opted, welcomes you.

AI has a big presence in BMW’s centennial, with the Mini Vision Next 100 using a bot called “Cooperizer” and BMW’s own car using one simply called “Companion.” If  BMW is aiming for a Siri feel could be with the new disembodied voice that can help you with just about anything related to the car or your trip.

In introducing the car, Rolls-Royce referred to it as “her”. “She’s your ethereal concierge,” says Rolls-Royce, and she handles most things around the vehicle in response to your voice commands.

The grandiose car is just a two-seater. There’s a sofa on the inside and no steering wheel or instrument panel to speak of. Instead, the lucky ones are presented with a full cabin-width transparent OLED display. The interior is dominated by Macassar wood, and includes a carpet of “hand-twisted silk” and “further extraordinarily soft silk” on the upholstery.

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