13 Photographs That Will Make Your Heart Drop

If you think looking down from a balcony on the 20th floor or from the edge of a cliff gives you a little thrill, then these few photographs that you are about to see will tie your stomach into knots.

We have put together 13 of the most death defying photos out there that will test even the people that are challenging when it comes to high altitudes.

Some people consider their tolerance for heights to be a source of pride. Maybe climbing Mount Everest is a dream for a “thrill seeker” to feel like they accomplished something big in life.

But it’s not as easy for others.

Many scientists consider the fear of heights to be an advantageous trait. The famous “visual cliff” experiment proved that even infants have depth perception and are less likely to approach their mother if they have to cross a glass-covered chasm that may look like a cliff edge to them.

So if you are one of those that crumbles up when even the thought of high altitudes comes to mind, hold on tight for what you are about to see. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Bike riding


Man walking on rope





Tree climbing


Woman walking on rope

Tree swing

High altitudes

Sky diving

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