McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Now for Sale by the Bottle

That’s right, the caption is correct. McDonald’s will be selling their succulent Big Mac Sauce to those wanting to recreate the McGoodness at home. The only drawback: the promotion limited to only 4,000 bottles exclusively available in the land of didgeridoos and kangaroos. McDonalds Australia started the campaign in an attempt to increase revenues after a small dip in profits during the last quarter of 2015.  The Big Mac Sauce bottle stands priced at a 4.95$. The same maneuver took place in back in 2014 through an EBay auction with some bottles reaching price tags of $18,000 USD.

If you have connections in Sydney, ask them to snag a bottle for you. If not, you may just have to settle by asking the McStaff to add the sauce to your sandwich of choice, which they are happy to do.

For the time being the bottled Big Mac Sauce may just have to stay in Oceania.

For those with more go-getting attitudes, you may get your Gordon Ramsay on by making your own homemade Big Mac Sauce with ingredients found at your local Piggly Wiggly. Below, Chef Dan Coudreaut shows you how to kill your Big Mac cravings at the comfort of your home, thanks to McDonalds Canada.

Are you loving the Big Mac Sauce, or do you prefer to have it your way by going to other fast food joints? Let us know in the comments below.

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