21 year old Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber and Colombian reggaeton artist, J Balvin, dropped a reggaeton remix of Beiber’s hit song “Sorry.” The duo met at the Special Olympics World Games Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles, California.

The song features Balvin singing and rapping one of the verses to the single in Spanish. Not even a full day of the song being released and it was at the No. 1 spot on iTunes chart in Mexico.

Both, Balvin and Bieber teased their Instagram followers with a short video on Thursday before the track was released to iTunes and Spotify Friday morning.

“The Latina girls are gonna go crazy,” Bieber tells Balvin while on a phone call.  You also hear the Colombian superstar calling Bieber “parcero,” which means “brother” in Colombian slang.

This is probably just the start to something new and revolutionary. Let’s see how these two talented young men take Reggaeton and Pop to another level.

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