The Grammy Awards Filled With Political Commentary



Last night the 2017 Grammy Awards were celebrated, and like every show and celebration this past year, it would not have been complete without a little controversial politic commentary.

James Corden, host of the ceremony, opened the Grammys by rapping about President Trump and his behavior, “live it on up because this is the best, and with President Trump we don’t know what comes next”.

Following him was singer-actress Jennifer Lopez, who during her speech, made a point about our voices needed to be heard. “At this particular point in history, our voices are needed more than ever,”.


A Tribe Called Quest, gave an electric performance, filling the screen in the stage with phrases such as “No Wall, No Ban”, by the end of the performance they talked about President Trump, “I want to thank Agent Orange for your unsuccessful attempt at the Muslim Ban.” and ended by yelling ‘Resist, resist’.

Others performers took a different approach, making fashion statements, and not all of them were against President Trump.

1486943552608Singer Joy Villa, approached the red carpet with a white cape, and when she took it off, she had a dress that said, “Make American Great Again, Trump”, whereas Chance the Rapper, used a hoodie with the word “Obama” written in the back, and “Thank you” in the front.


Overall the Grammys were a great event, with Mexican singer-songwriter Carla Morrison, nominated for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album, interpreting “Un Beso” (One Kiss), accompanied by a group of native americans. She finished her presentation by shouting ‘Arriba Mexico’.

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