Drifting In The Snow With A Ferrari F40

Drifting in the snow with a Ferrari F40.

We see it often – stunning dream cars, beautifully polished, sitting under covers for the sole purpose of being a satisfactory addition to a collection. Each to their own of course; everyone is free to do what they please with a car they own. But one thing is certain: Takeshi Kimura of Car Guy does not belong to this group.

Here is a man that enjoys his supercars to the fullest, and at times in curious ways. A few years ago he was spotted taking his Ferrari F40 camping, and today he’s bettered that in a video collaboration with Red Bull.

Driver Takeshi Kimura effortlessly drifts through powder until finally finding a suitable clearing for a midnight meal of ramen noodles and Red Bull, of course.

Because a can of Red Bull can make you do ridiculous, possibly even regretful things. Because a Ferrari F40 should be driven on a regular basis. But like this? In the damn snow?! Much to our surprise, the F40 performs shockingly well driving and drifting up a snow-covered mountain. Anyway, enjoy some F40 winter drifting awesomeness.

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