Chino y Nacho Leaders of the Pepsi Music Awards




On February 16th the 5th edition of Pepsi Music Awards took place and Chino y Nacho were the leaders of the night, they took home seven awards, including Artist of the year, Video of the year and Urban Video, among others. Both video awards were for the song “Me voy enamorando” (I am falling in love).

One of the biggest comments of the night, was about these duo wining all the awards with songs there were from 2015. The reason for this was because the ceremony was to going to take place last year. “The fifth edition was about to be cancelled, but with great effort it was able to become a reality” said president of the Pepsi Music Awards Academy, John Fabio Bermudez. Fortunately the Pepsi Music Awards were celebrated and songs from 2015 were considered. On Wednesday 16 of 65 awards were given, and the rest were awarded on a private ceremony on last Monday.


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