Five Great Hot Dogs in Chicago

When in Chicago you can’t leave without trying a hot dog. You just can’t. It’s a crime.

Even though Chicago might seem like it can’t escape death, high taxes and Antarctic winters; overall it’s an amazing city with a lot to offer. Everywhere you walk you will see restaurants, bars, shops, theaters and much more.

But the one thing that the city is most famous for are their top rated dogs.

Here is a list of a few places you might want to check out for a juicy tasty hot dog!

Hot Doug's

  1. Hot Doug’s: The location is permanently closed but that does not mean you can’t try these yummy hot dogs. The owner, Doug Sohn has been recreating some of that Hot Doug’s magic at one-day pop-up stands all over the city. He serves from seven to eight hot dog creations, as well as his duck-fat fries and a small selection of brews. So before you make your trip to Chicago, make sure and catch the master’s joint.

Location: Pop-up stands on certain dates

Jimmy’s Red Hots

  1. Jimmy’s Red Hots: It’s a third-generation, family owned business started by Jimmy himself, who has won “The Best Chicago Style Hot Dog” and has stood its ground and held its position for 61 years. Basically, you will find hot dogs and polish sausages, hand cut fries with the peelings on, wrapped up with the dog for $2.75. You can’t beat that. Don’t expect anything fancy on a platter, but let me tell you, these dogs will blow your taste buds away.

Location: 4000 W. Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60651


  1. Portillo’s: Chicago-born chain for hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches & more, plus beer in retro digs. Portillo’s isn’t one of those Chicago places that only tourists go to. Locals frequently go all the time, which in my opinion is what makes it great! But this also tends to make some tourists unhappy since the place isn’t catering to them but rather the local population. Enjoy Chicago the way Chicagoans like it! There are two different lines you can order food from:  Portillo’s which has Italian Beef, hot dogs, hamburgers, the cake shakes (will change your life) etc. or Barnelli’s which has the salads and pastas. You can’t go wrong with this place.

Location: 100 W. Ontario St (there’s many others)

Byron's HotDog

  1. Byron’s HotDog: No-frills counter-service spot with Chicago-style hot dogs plus burgers, salads & more. Most Chicagoans say the hot dogs are so good they can be served at the White House. I believe after that statement I do not need to go into detail, just check it out yourself!

Location: 1017 W. Irving Park Rd.

Jim's Original

  1. Jim’s Original: Started as a hot dog stand in 1939 without any running water lines and now it has become one of the top hot dog gems in Chicago. Fyi: when you purchase any sandwich you can get an order of free fries, plus you can watch them slap the mustard and juicy onions on your burger/dog.

Location: 1250 S Union Ave. Chicago, IL 60607


Let us know if we missed any of your favorite dog stands/joints so nothing is missed!

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