You Can Get All You Can Eat Mcdonald’s French Fries

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You can get all you can eat McDonald’s French fries.

If you miss “Supersizing,” one soon-to-be-built McDonald’s

A location in St. Joseph, Mo. was torn down last month and is being rebuilt with various new features, according to local paper the St. Joseph News-Press. Patrons cancustomize their burgers, chicken sandwiches, and desserts by ordering through a kiosk, and employees will bring their food to their seats, which will be a collection of couches and arm chairs.

But perhaps most striking, according to the News-Press, is that this McDonald’s will be the first to offer unlimited french fries.

The deal is not yet available to the public as the restaurant is scheduled to open this coming July. However, it has already received feedback ranging from eager anticipation to anger to disgust.

The buzz is around a reported “test” of unlimited fries for customers at the pending location in St. Joseph, north of Kansas. But McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb says no such test is in the works.

The restaurant is the first to introduce the option, alongside the ability to customize orders through a kiosk, with employees bringing your order to your seats. Furthermore, seating includes couches and arm chairs.

The McDonald’s location will open in July.


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