Becky G Says Her Focus Is Around Her Career, Not Dating

It must be hard for celebrities to deal with rumors all the time, especially regarding their love life.

In an Interview with Time, 18 year old singer Becky G, discusses her career and talks about her upcoming album.

Along the way she confirms that due to her busy life she does not have the time to date, but stated her past relationships and experiences have helped inspire her in her music. She confessed that her album will deal with experiences that helped shape her personality.

“I feel like everything always comes back to love. Being Latina, we’re very passionate people and I love to “love.” The way that they love and all the things they’ve gone through, I learned to love that way. But I can’t really apply it to my career because I’m never going to have time to be with anybody,” she explained.

“As a teenage girl, I want to have a cute boyfriend but I don’t have time for one. When you do have one, it’s great, but then you’re in this tug between work and your relationship. I’m taking that inspiration, being super honest about it and applying it to my music. It’s so relatable.”


The young star recently finished touring with Colombian singer J Balvin and is involved in other projects as well.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with her decision, this Latin woman is working hard and just having fun. It will come one day.

Keep hustlin’ Becky G.

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