Donald Trump finally got his beloved wall, although not in the way he had hoped for…

Surely you know Donald Trump, official presidential candidate for the Republican Party in the US, well, this Tuesday (July 19) Plastic Jesus, an artist (and really, how else can we call him after seeing this?), built a tiny fence around his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

We dare say this person really is an artist, not only because the level of detail on the tiny piece is remarkable – you can even see the barbed wire on the top, an American flag on each corner and, of course, some tiny “Keep out” signs on the walls – but also because of what the wall represents, which is to make a joke about Trump’s most controversial proposal (building a wall along the US border with Mexico to keep illegal inmigrants out of the US).

Well at least, Trump got what he wanted, the wall he’s been asking for during his campaign… only not exactly the way he desired… This really is a charming display of civil disobedience.


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