8 Fun Things About Nicky Jam From His IG

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By: Kim

Mostly known for his hot single “El Perdon” and his most recent jam “Hasta El Amanecer,” Nicky Jam has been dominating all Hispanic voices in the market. He was No. 1 on the Latin charts then crossing over to the pop charts because this urban singer sure does have a lot of personality behind his music. And if you want a few laughs during your boring work hours then follow him on Instagram if you don’t already do, Nicky is always sharing everything from his personal life to his latest projects. He sure is a goof ball I must say.


Aquí con mis hijos

A video posted by NICKY JAM (@nickyjampr) on

Nicky is a cool dad

He loves to show off his kids since they are constantly being featured on his account, whether he’s giving them vocal lessons or just riding around with them in the car on a normal day.


😏😏 @dimelopapinj

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Nicky is the type to make fun of himself and the fans love it

It’s pretty rare to find a hot shot celebrity that can poke fun at himself the way that Nicky can. When fans compared his head to Humpty Dumpty he made it into a meme. Who else does that?


Las Mia 😂😂

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Nicky’s ultimate signature look

I bet if we went through Nicky’s closet we will probably find black tees, black pants, black belts, black hats, you probably get the point point by now. You will pretty much find him wearing black all the time. Sure could save me some time in the morning to get ready if I followed Nicky’s fashion trend.


El iPhone 10 plus 😂😂😂😂😂

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Nicky is pretty funny

Fans love it when he posts short parodies on his account. The clip where he makes fun of what an iPhone 10 might look like in the near future is priceless.


😂😂😂 mi toalla tiene flow 😂😂

A photo posted by NICKY JAM (@nickyjampr) on

Nicky & J Balvin’s battle is great entertainment

There’s always a constant friendly battle between these two. Nicky is always mimicking Balvin’s wardrobe or making fun of him, like the day he chipped his tooth. Luckily, it’s all fun and games for the fans.


😂😂😂 @dimelopapinj #ConNickyHastaElAmanecer #HastaElAmanecer15Enero

A photo posted by NICKY JAM (@nickyjampr) on

Nicky wants to be featured in Twilight

Who can imagine a Twilight series with Nicky Jam? I sure can’t.


Nicky el flojo

A video posted by NICKY JAM (@nickyjampr) on

Nicky doing push-ups

From what I can see in the video Nicky needs some training to do.


Conseguí 😂😜😍

A photo posted by NICKY JAM (@nickyjampr) on

Nicky is a romantic

Even though Nicky doesn’t post his wife as much on social media, he sure does seem like a romantic with these white roses and heart balloon.







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