2017 Acura NSX Finally Coming Next Year

Who doesn’t like fast cars? We do.

For all the speedsters out there, we have EXCITING news!

Acura has announced the official return of the NSX since 2011. The last time we saw one of these was a prototype that was featured in the Avengers film and that was driven by Mr. Tony Stark himself.

Well, the real car is finally set for release and will be hitting the market in February 2016.

This beautiful masterpiece will start at $156K and the upgraded top trim 573 horsepower NSX will cost you around $205K.

The impressive twin-turbo V6 will feature a 3.5 liter engine that will crank about 500 horsepower and 406 lb-ft torque, controlled by a dual-clutch 9-speed gear box.



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